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Strict Liability Accidents

Strict Liability Accidents in Tampa

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One of the most elemental parts of any personal injury case is proving fault for injuries. Fault means that it was the actions or carelessness one of one person that resulted in the accident, and the injured party is legally entitled to recover a monetary award to cover unexpected medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages as a result.

Strict liability is one way that someone can be held accountable for an accident. Also referred to as absolute liability, a defendant is strictly liable when their specific actions may not have directly resulted in injury, but they have the legal responsibility to accept fault. Strict liability has been applied to certain activities, such as holding an employer absolutely liable for the negligent acts of their employees.

Why is strict liability important? It is intended to protect those that have been injured by no fault of their own, and ensure that defendants do not hold injured parties accountable for their own injuries. The personal injury lawyers at Smith & Stallworth can help. Schedule your complimentary consultation to speak with a lawyer free of charge.

How does strict liability apply in personal injury lawsuits?

These laws were enacted to protect individuals who are injured through no fault of their own due to a dangerous activity. In addition, certain inherently dangerous activities may be conducted only if the person conducting them is willing to insure others against the harm that results from the risks the activities create.

Some common ways strict liability can apply include:

Under strict liability, someone that has sustained an injury solely needs to prove that they were injured, not specifically how the defendant was at fault for their injuries. It is enough to prove that the company, organization, or person was participating in an activity that is inherently dangerous, and obtaining an injury can occur even if all proper rules and responsibilities are established.

It is important that everyone understand the varied elements in a personal injury claim, and the myriad ways that fault can be attributed in these personal injury claims. When your health, safety, and wellness are on the line, you need to be confident that your attorney will explore every option to recover compensation.

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