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Fender Bender Accidents

Fender Bender Accidents Lawyer in Florida

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The most common form of auto accident is the "fender bender" a minor auto accident that typically occurs at a low speed. These accidents most commonly occur in parking lots, driveways and intersections, resulting in minor damage to the vehicles involved. These accidents are called fender benders because the fenders of the vehicles typically sustain the most damage.

An example of a fender bender would be a driver stopping suddenly at an intersection, causing the driver behind him to rear-end his vehicle. Another example may be a driver backing out of a parking space without fully checking behind his vehicle, causing a collision with a vehicle behind him.

While the vehicle is more likely to sustain damage in a fender bender, the driver or passengers in a vehicle may also suffer neck or back injury due to whiplash, and this can cause lasting problems. This is one of many reasons it is so crucial to consult a medical professional and an attorney immediately after any auto accident. If you do not seek medical attention and later find that you are suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain, your ability to take legal action may be limited.

The Importance of Hiring a Skilled Attorney

Even if you were involved in a minor auto accident or a “fender bender” there are still definite benefits to hiring legal counsel. With an attorney at your side, you have a much greater chance of recovering a just settlement for your injuries and for property damage. The insurance company may try to settle your claim for less than it is actually worth or may try to deny your claim.

Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to help ensure you get the true value of your claim, and at times even just involving an attorney can show the insurance company you mean business and will result in the payment of your claim. Involving a Florida car accident lawyer has a number of benefits. You can ensure that your claim goes smoothly and that you have the opportunity to recover the financial compensation you need for damage to your vehicle and for any injuries you have sustained.

By working with a lawyer, you can ensure all bases are covered. For example, there is always a chance that you may feel that you are uninjured immediately after the accident, and yet you may begin feeling neck or back pain a few days or weeks later. Or, the other party may try to say that your injuries stemmed from a “preexisting condition” and that they should therefore not be held liable. Your lawyer can ensure your rights and interests are protected in situations like these.

How can Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law help?

Our car accident attorneys in Tampa at Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law has more than 20 years of combined experience, and during our practice we have helped countless car accident victims obtain the fair compensation they deserve after being harmed by negligent drivers. We understand the difficulties our clients face after sustaining injuries and property damage, and we are proud to help them pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

Even a seemingly minor accident like a fender bender can have severe implications on the victims, including back or neck injuries and serious damage to their vehicles. Our firm believes the responsible parties should be held liable for their negligent actions, and we can fight for your rights.

Our attorneys possess detailed understanding of Florida law and are seasoned in all types of car accident cases. We can provide you with a powerful legal voice and ensure you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company or the other driver. What are you waiting for? Contact a Tampa auto accident lawyer from our firm today to learn how you can seek justice!

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