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Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are constantly increasing in popularity for families and for individual drivers throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, these vehicles can pose a certain danger to their owners and to other drivers on the road. Many SUVs have a high center of gravity and are therefore more likely to rollover, and they have large blind spots that can make it difficult for a driver to see other vehicles, pedestrians or bicyclists.

If you were driving an SUV and were involved in an auto accident, or were another driver and were struck by an SUV, please contact Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law to find out how we can help you with your insurance claim and with recovering financial compensation from the responsible party.

SUV Rollover Accidents

SUVs are frequently advertised as safe, family-friendly vehicles. Unfortunately, certain models and particular SUVs with specific auto parts may be at risk of becoming involved in rollover accidents. SUV rollovers are one of the most serious types of auto accidents that involve sport utility vehicles. In a rollover accident, the vehicle may tip over on its side or may roll over completely, causing serious damage to the vehicle and most often catastrophic injuries to the passengers.

Because a SUV has a high center of gravity, when making a sharp turn or making an emergency maneuver to avoid an accident the vehicle may tip over on one side or may roll over completely.

Pursuing Rightful Compensation in Florida

Different parties may be held liable in the event of a Florida SUV accident. In some cases, the manufacturer of the vehicle or of an auto part may be responsible for the accident due to a design or manufacturing defect that caused the vehicle to malfunction and become involved in an accident or rollover. More often, however, SUV accidents are caused due to negligence on the part of a driver. Eating, talking on the cell phone, drinking and driving, adjusting the radio and weariness are all potential causes of auto accidents.

In these situations, the negligent driver should be held liable for your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in an SUV accident or rollover, please contact a Florida car accident lawyer at Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law. We have 20 years of combined experience and have recovered millions for our clients. Request a free consultation and we will take the time to address your concerns and fully answer your questions in order to help you make the right decision about filing a claim or lawsuit. We are available 24/7!

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