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Medical Malpractice

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Help for Victims of Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice can occur whenever a doctor, hospital or a medical facility somehow mistreats, misdiagnoses or incompetently performs some type of medical procedure. Thousands of surgeries are performed every day, in addition to numerous other medical procedures.

If done incorrectly or negligently, these can cause severe and irreversible injuries. A medical professional has a responsibility to take the utmost care in the performance of his/her duties. If standard practices and care are not taken, accidents and injuries can occur.

Common Causes of Medical Malpractice

Some of the common reasons for medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Overwork
  • Incorrect Medications
  • Inadequate Training
  • Poor Equipment Maintenance

The proper handling of this type of a personal injury claim requires extensive knowledge and resources. Because the injuries in this area are normally severe, the resources needed to properly investigate the facts behind the malpractice are many. At Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law we have the experienced legal team needed to provide you with a thorough and complete assessment of your situation in order to present a comprehensive claim.

Some of the medical malpractice claims we handle include:

Injuries Sustained in Medical Malpractice

Thousands of people yearly are affected by medical malpractice claims. Injuries can extend from minor infections to removal of incorrect organs, incorrect dosage of drugs and even death. Additional medical treatment for the injury caused by the malpractice needs to be compensated for in any claim presented on your behalf. And because of the added trauma and suffering which this type of injury can create, you are likely entitled to pain and suffering compensation, especially if gross negligence can be shown.

A recent example of medical malpractice was defective CT scans being conducted on patients that were giving patients radiations well in excess of what is normal, causing some severe effects. Not only were the patients negligently treated, but they were not informed of this error until it was disclosed much later.

Hire an Experienced Med Mal Lawyer for Your Case

This type of claim requires extensive investigation of medical facts. Witnesses, testimony, complete review of medical records and procedures, as well as expert review, will ensure the most rewarding outcome.

Our Tampa personal injury team has over twenty years of combined experience and has the knowledge to present experts and forensics specialists as needed to carefully review your injury and ensure the successful outcome of your claim. For a comprehensive investigation into your medical malpractice claim, contact a Tampa medical malpractice attorney from our firm. We are available 24/7!

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