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Truck Accidents

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Have you suffered a spinal cord injury or lost a loved one in a fatal accident involving a delivery truck, tractor trailer, bus or contractors' pick-up truck? If so, you need the skilled representation of a Tampa injury attorney from Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law. We have over twenty years of combined experience and have recovered millions for our clients!

We can help you seek the financial compensation for your injuries or loss that you deserve. Our firm helps clients with all types of commercial vehicle accidents, including:

  • Head on collisions with semi-trucks or 18-wheelers
  • Pedestrian and dump truck accidents
  • Pile-ups
  • Chemical burns or illness caused by improper loading of hazardous materials haulers
  • Buses, vans and tanker trucks rear ending a parked or moving car
  • City trucks colliding with cars or motorcycles
  • Other accidents involving delivery trucks, automobile carriers or city vans

It is important to our lawyers that you have the opportunity to receive the money you need to help rebuild your life, even in the wake of a serious truck accident. Let us explain what we can do to assist you when you contact one of our skilled lawyers for a free initial consultation. Our Tampa truck accident attorneys help clients throughout all of Florida.

Federal Regulation Compliance & Florida Truck Accidents

The commercial trucking industry is under federal regulations designed to ensure the safety of truck drivers and other motorists. Failing to follow these regulations increases the likelihood of a truck accident occurring.

Our firm has handled cases involving varied failures to follow federal regulations, including:

  • Number of driving hours
  • Commercial driving licenses (CDL) requirements
  • Use of drugs or alcohol on the road
  • Proper loading procedures
  • Proper inspection and maintenance
  • Driver qualifications
  • Transporting hazardous materials

Because professional drivers are held to a higher standard of safety than the general public, we also look into the training, hiring, and safety record of the driver and company involved in your accident, or loved one's wrongful death. If any regulations were violated willfully, we will work to seek the maximum compensation from responsible party, including the truck driver, owner, and trucking company.

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