WWII Veteran Trapped in Own Garage for Days After Fall at Store

On the morning of April 30, 2013, a 90-year-old World War II veteran became trapped in his car inside of his own garage, and was not found until a neighbor happened to hear his cries for help four days later. Jay A. fell while shopping for groceries at a Pasco County Publix store, injuring his wrist. The Publix store had the man sign paperwork about the fall and employees helped Jay A. into his car and loaded his groceries, but he was allowed to drive himself home without first being checked by a medical professional. After driving home and backing his vehicle into his garage, Jay A. found that he could not open his door because of his wrist injury.

Victim Stranded Due To Improper Procedure

Trapped in his own car, Jay A. tried to attract the attention of his neighbors by using the remote to repeatedly open and close the garage door. Unfortunately, this smart attempt to obtain help did not work, as no one saw the door going up and down. Jay A. ate the snacks he had purchased that ate the store and placed a cookie on the dashboard each day to keep track of how long he had been trapped. It wasn't until his neighbor Tim W. walked by his home on May 3 that Jay A. was finally rescued. The neighbor noticed that the garage door was partially down, saw a hand come out the driver's side window, and heard Jay A. call for help. The WWII veteran is recovering at a local hospital, and though he is still in pain, Jay A. is in good spirits.

According to friends of the victim, Jay A. was shopping at the Publix store when he tripped and fell. He tried to stop his fall by grabbing onto a nearby shelf, but the structure gave way. Store employees had the man fill out paperwork regarding the accident, but medical attention was never called to the scene. A spokesman for Publix said that they have launched an internal investigation into the incident and what happened to the victim.

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