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Florida is home to many large amusement parks, including Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Millions of Americans attend these and other amusement parks year round. In fact, seven of the ten most popular amusement parks in America are located in Florida. Many of these parks have rides that are meant to be terrifying and exhilarating; sometimes, however, the fast nature of these rides causes traumatic accidents. Injuries that can occur in an amusement park include traumatic brain injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries and even death.

Although the California Supreme Court has ruled that amusement parks in the state are "common carriers" and must therefore operate with the "utmost" care, Florida courts have decided differently. Amusement parks in Florida are not "common carriers" and thus the parks cannot be held liable for some accidents which occur on their property so long as reasonable care was taken to prevent the accident. Parks are, however, still subject to premises liabilities, which order property owners to keep property reasonably safe and to clearly mark areas that might be unsafe, such as a wet floor.

If you were injured in an accident that was due to property negligence or hazardous conditions, you may be able to win compensation from the amusement park at which the accident occurred. Furthermore, amusement parks can also be held responsible for accidents that occurred because of employee negligence or misconduct, defective products, or defective equipment. If you have been injured in an amusement park, it is vital you contact amusement park injury attorneys in Tampa at Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law.

Zoo Injuries in Tampa, Florida

Guests and visitors of zoos are eager to see animals that are normally in the wild. However, as these are dangerous animals, the zoo has a duty to ensure that all animals displayed are properly enclosed in a safe environment to protect the patrons.

At times it can occur that an animal escapes or an animal involved in a show does not respond as intended and a patron is injured or attacked in the process. If you or a loved one has been attacked by an animal in a zoo or otherwise injured due to the negligence of zoo personnel, a Tampa zoo injury lawyers can assist you presenting a claim for damages.

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