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At Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law our legal team is committed to assisting those who need Social Security Disability benefits to file an application, and to appeal denied claims. With over three decades of combined experience in all types of personal injury cases, the Tampa injury attorneys at our firm have achieved prominence for excellent work in a range of cases, including Social Security Disability claims.

There are benefits that could be paid to you or members of your family in cases in which you are unable to work for at least 12 months, or if the condition or illness will end in death, such as a terminal illness.

Are You Eligible for SSD Benefits in Florida?

In order to get Social Security Disability benefits, you must have been disabled for a minimum of 5 full months. The payments are initiated at the sixth month of your disability. The payments continue for the period of time that your medical condition continues, if it has not improved, and you cannot work. These benefits may not continue for an indefinite period of time, and each case is evaluated on a one-on-one basis.

During the period that you are receiving benefits, the agency will review your case periodically to see if you continue to qualify. If you improve and you are now able to work, or your medical condition improves, you are responsible for alerting the agency of this change.

Once you have received Social Security Disability benefits for 2 years, you become eligible to receive Medicare benefits. Certain conditions allow you to receive Medicare benefits almost at once. If you are earning any income, even a small amount, you must tell the agency how much you are making and how many hours you are working.

You are able to receive benefits for up to 9 months during a trial work period. It can be extremely difficult to get Social Security Disability benefits, and a large percentage of claims are denied. If you feel your claim was denied wrongly, you have the right to appeal the denial, and our legal team can help.

Help for Social Security Disability Claims in Tampa, FL

It is advised that you contact us for assistance in filing your initial application, as any error or failure to provide adequate supporting information will result in a denial.

Contact our firm for more information about Social Security Disability claims and filing an application or an appeal. Free case evaluation offered -- 24/7 Availability. Contact us today!

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