Driver is Injured After Colliding with School Bus in Tampa

Around 8:20 A.M. on Wednesday morning, a man was injured on Gandy Bridge after losing control of his sport utility vehicle and colliding with a privately owned school bus. Fortunately, no passengers were on the bus when the accident occurred; however, the driver who caused the collision, J.C., had to be extricated from his SUV by St. Petersburg Fire Rescue. He was then taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The bus driver, B.F., was treated and released at the scene. The collision, which occurred in the eastbound lanes on Gandy Bridge, backed up traffic for more than two hours.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, J.C. had been driving his SUV in the inside lane while the bus driver, B.F., drove in the outside lane. When J.C. attempted to change lanes, he lost control of the vehicle, rotating into the path of the bus. Although the bus driver attempted to avoid impact, the front of the bus collided with the driver's side of the SUV. It was also reported that a thunderstorm rolled over the bridge at the time of the accident, worsening driver conditions. Fortunately, no one was fatally injured. The driver who caused the accident has since been cited for making an improper lane change.

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