Tampa Man Fatally Injured in Single Vehicle Accident on I-275

During the early morning hours of April 23rd, 2014, a single vehicle accident along the northbound lanes of I-275 near Sligh Avenue claimed the life of a middle-aged Tampa man. While the cause of the accident has yet to be officially determined, reports indicate the man seems to have lost control of the Buick he was driving when he attempted to negotiate a curve in the road.

As a result, the vehicle hit the crash barrier on the right side of the northbound lanes which then caused it to careen across the roadway where it came to rest on the opposite side. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Car accidents cause a lot of pain and heartache, not only to the victims of such accidents but to their loved ones as well. When a car accident results in the loss of a life it is only natural for the family of the accident victim to seek answers. How did the accident occur? Who was at fault? Was the accident caused by another driver's negligent behavior or were there other factors that set the unfortunate events in motion?

At Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law, we work hard to uncover the truth about car accidents resulting in injury or death. We believe that those who are negligent, careless or drive recklessly with no regard for the safety of others need to be held responsible for their actions. In some instances negligence occurs when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, while in others it occurs when the vehicle's manufacturer or auto parts manufacturer has put a faulty product on the market.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident in the Tampa area, or you have lost a loved one in a car accident, we advise you to waste no time in hiring a personal injury attorney from our firm. We are advocates for victims' rights and are committed to doing what we can to help victims and their families recover compensation for their injuries and losses.

Contact our firm now to schedule a free consultation. You have nothing to lose as we handle all of our cases on a contingency-fee basis and you are under no legal obligation to retain our services.

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