Retired NFL Players Can Opt Into Concussion Settlement Class Action

Retired NFL players that have been diagnosed with brain injury, a degenerative cognitive condition, or who have suffered concussions while playing might be able to opt into an open class action against the sports organization. Through various studies and research cases, it has been found that the likelihood of a football player suffering some sort of brain injury, either mild or severe, is quite high. By not warning players adequately of this inherit risk, the NFL has been targeted by an NFL concussion settlement class action.

This class action is only open to retired football players who participated actively in at least one game for the NFL, AFL, and other associations directly related or controlled by the NFL. Estate administrators of deceased NFL players may also be able to opt into the claim if there was evidence that the decedent suffered brain injuries or concussions during their lifetime.

Differing Levels of Compensation in the Class Action

Parties approved to opt into the NFL concussion settlement class action may be rewarded a compensation amount based on a variety of factors. The largest settlement amount approved for this class action already is $5,000,000; this amount can be given to retired players under 45 years old and who have been diagnosed with ALS. On the other hand, the lowest preexisting settlement amount is only $25,000; this amount can be awarded to retired NFL players over 80 years old and who have been diagnosed with no conditions worse than a “Level 1.5 neurocognitive impairment.” Someone with a Level 1.5 neurocognitive impairment is expected to be able to function considerably well in day-to-day life but may suffer from spells of dementia or amnesia.

Class Action Timeline is Ticking Away

The NFL concussion settlement class action is already underway. In due time, no one will be able to petition into the class action to receive compensation, no matter the severity of their condition and the debilitations they face due to a football-related brain injury. The current deadline is February 6th, 2019 but it is not certain if this will be shortened or extended.

If you believe that you or a loved one should be eligible to opt into the NFL concussion settlement class action, you need to start exploring your legal options right away. At Smith & Stallworth, our Tampa NFL concussion settlement attorneys have already helped more than 50 clients seek their deserved compensation in this case. Call 813.223.7799 to request a case evaluation with our team.

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