Chain of Collisions Involving 11 Vehicles Leads to Several Injuries

An auto accident involving two vehicles is already difficult enough, let alone an accident involving 11 vehicles. According to The Tampa Tribune, seven people were injured earlier this month in a multi-vehicle crash that involved a semi-truck and smaller vehicles in the southbound lanes of Interstate 75 near Brandon, Florida. According to the news story, four of the seven injured people were listed as trauma alerts and two were listed a critical, yet stable.

The multi-vehicle accident started with one crash between two cars. After the two initial vehicles crashed, the semi-truck driver swerved in order to avoid the accident. As a result, the semi-truck hit an SUV, subsequently pinning it against a concrete rail. This led to a chain of additional collisions involving surrounding vehicles. The driver in the pinned SUV was among the critically injured. According to The Tampa Tribune, 21 rescue vehicles and 40 firefighters responded to the scene.

Because of the massive size and weight of large commercial trucks such as semi-trucks, accidents involving these types of vehicles become especially dangerous. Freeway accidents can also be more dangerous because of the speed at which individuals are driving and the fact that these types of accidents often lead to pileups. If you are a victim of a multi-vehicle accident, you may be facing some particularly difficult challenges ahead when it comes to obtaining compensation for your injuries. This is because you may have to prove that multiple drivers are at fault, as well as how much fault each driver carries. This can be extremely challenging without the help of a qualified lawyer.

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