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Multi-vehicle auto accidents are the most common form of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the road today. Although the majority of these are minor fender benders or rear end collisions, one or both vehicles are still likely to sustain damage and the driver and/or passengers involved may be injured. In high-speed multi vehicle accidents, all parties involved are likely to sustain catastrophic injuries, requiring emergency medical treatment and extensive surgery or other medical care.

Most multi vehicle accidents involve two vehicles; accidents involving three or more vehicles are less common and are often more serious with the additional vehicles that are involved. Unfortunately, accidents involving more than two vehicles do occur in Florida, and proving fault in these accidents can oftentimes be difficult. If you are involved in an auto accident with another vehicle, you may wonder whether the other driver can be held liable. This would mean that the other driver's insurance company would pay for your medical care, damage to your vehicle and other losses that you have sustained.

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Who is at-fault in a multi-vehicle accident?

When you work with a personal injury lawyer at our firm, you will have all avenues explored in order to obtain your highest possible compensation. For example, it may be mistakenly assumed that the first driver that collided with a vehicle and caused the accident should be held accountable for the injuries and property damages of all drivers and their vehicles. This may not always be the case!

An experienced multi-car accident attorney will examine the evidence to determine if any of the following contributed to the accident:

If any of these apply to any of the cars and drivers involved in the accident, there may be some level of fault attributed to each. When more than one path or reason contributed to an accident, things may get complicated quickly. For example, while one driver may have rear-ended another car due to road conditions, a third driver that was texting while driving and did not stop in time may have contributed to additional damage since they did not exercise the proper level of caution and care behind the wheel.

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After an auto accident of any kind, you may be facing overwhelming medical bills along with the physical and emotional trauma associated with the accident itself. Fortunately, by talking to our multi-vehicle accident attorney in Tampa about the circumstances of your collision, your injuries, insurance, and a number of other factors, you can find out your rights and your options in recovering financial compensation from the responsible driver.

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Multi vehicle accidents in particular can be complex, as you will have one or more other drivers and other insurance companies to deal with. Be sure you have an attorney at your side who can protect your interests.

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