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Every driver on the roads has the responsibility to act appropriately towards other vehicles. This means abiding by the laws, keeping their attention focused on driving, and responsibly operating their car. When a driver fails to abide by these standards, they place themselves and others at risk. One of the most common and most destructive actions a driver can take is getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

A person who is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is far more likely to become involved in an accident than a sober driver. A drunk driver will most likely have a delayed reaction time and may not respond to emergency situations correctly. With impaired physical and mental abilities, a drunk driver is also less likely to see other motorists, traffic signals, pedestrians and cyclists.

Were you involved in an accident with a drunk driver? You deserve to be compensated for your injuries! Contact our experienced Tampa personal injury lawyers to get started.

Protect Yourself After a Car Crash

Any auto accident may be very serious, resulting in broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury, whiplash and even death. The repercussions of a drunk driving accident may last with a victim and his or her family for many years or possibly for life.

When you have been injured by a drunk driver, you need an attorney that knows how to fight for you and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions:

  • Locate and preserve evidence
  • Speak with witnesses
  • Examine police reports
  • Reconstruct accidents for a comprehensive look
  • Examine medical records
  • Recover compensation to cover the impact on your life

In addition to the driver themselves, we may be able to hold the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver responsible for your injuries. A bar cannot serve a patron that is visibly intoxicated, and if they did not stop serving alcohol and you were injured, they may also be held accountable.

Injured by a drunk driver? Contact a Tampa drunk driving accident attorney.

At Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law we have over 30 years of combined experience and are dedicated to representing our clients' interests and holding drunk drivers responsible for their actions. Enlist the support of a Tampa drunk driving accident lawyer to bring the drunk driver to justice while at the same time recovering the money you need for medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

In working with experts in the field of medicine, engineering, accident reconstruction and forensics, we can work with an accident victim in order to prove that the drunk driver was at fault in the accident and that he or she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Every step we take will be toward securing maximum financial compensation in order to help the victim rebuild his or her life.

To find out how a lawyer can protect your rights and hold the drunk driver responsible, consult a drunk driving accident attorney in Tampa today for a free evaluation! We are available 24/7!

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