Father Sues City and School After Son Drowns During School-Sponsored Pool Party

On September 21st, 2012, the Pepin Academy hosted a back-to-school swimming party at the city-owned and operated recreation center and pool. The event was apparently attended by close to 150 students, parents and teachers and was filled with poolside entertainment, dancing, food as well as swimming for the kids. When Skelford Conrad Shillingford and his wife arrived to drop off their 15-year-old son Kadeem Jessie Shillingford, they were assured that despite Jessie's mild case of autism and the fact that he wasn't the best of swimmers there were sufficient lifeguards, Pepin employees, and chaperones on hand to keep all of the children safe.

Unfortunately a little later that evening, one of the kids informed a lifeguard that there was a boy at the bottom of the pool. Lifeguards attempted to resuscitate Jessie by delivering CPR until emergency personnel arrived on scene at which point he was rushed to Florida Hospital Tampa where he spent three days on life support before he died. While the Medical Examiner's Office has ruled Jessie's death an accidental drowning, and police say they were able to find no evidence of criminal neglect or foul play, the Shillingfords have officially filed a lawsuit against the city and the Pepin Academy for their failure to provide reasonable safety precautions to protect their son.

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