Motorcyclist Dies on Wet Roadway

A 29-year-old woman driving a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle died after losing control of the vehicle on a wet road in Tampa on June 3. The victim, K.P., swung the motorcycle too wide because of a curve in the road. After passing through the bicycle lane, she struck a curb and crashed into a concrete monument. Although she was wearing a helmet, she died after being transported to Tampa General Hospital.

Eleven percent of accidents on the road involve motorcycles, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Motorcyclists are also thirty-five times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident than drivers of cars. Motorcycles are more dangerous due to certain factors, including the weights of the vehicles and protection of drivers. Protective gear, such as helmets, can reduce the risk of death of motorcyclists by almost forty percent.

There are a variety of reasons for motorcycle accidents, including bad weather, not using turn signals, ignoring traffic conditions or signs. Thirty-seven percent of all motorcycle accidents in 2006 involved speeding. Defective vehicles, roads and gear, including helmets, are all possible causes for motorcycle injuries and accidents.

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